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Annually: 150k+

Average Student Satisfaction
Rating: 4.82 out of 5

Experience Helping Medical Students
Years: 30

The Rx Coach Process

Our process starts with a special 160 question assessment to analyze your strengths and weaknesses prior to your first session. A staff member reviews the results of the assessment and works with you to create an individualized study plan. Tutors work with students to select subjects and create assignments prior to each tutoring session. Each hour-long session is integrated with our popular USMLE-Rx resources to augment the learning experience. Tutors log each session, taking detailed notes to track your progress and maximize your success.

The Rx Coach Difference

Tutors You Can Trust

All of our tutors go through a competitive hiring process and rigorous training. Once their training is complete, they receive their Rx certification and join an elite, well-qualified team of tutors with the experience and mentoring skills needed to help you achieve your goals.

Access to Rx360+ from USMLE-Rx

Our tutoring packages provide access to our flagship Rx360+ suite, which includes: Rx Bricks, Step 1 Qmax, Express Videos, and Flash Facts. By integrating these tools seamlessly into our tutoring and coaching sessions, we are able to optimize student outcomes by offering a premium board-style question bank and tools that are designed to help you learn and remember core concepts.

160-Question Tutoring Assessment

Prior to their first session, students will take our 160-question assessment created specifically for our tutoring program. This allows us to:

  • Obtain a reliable baseline
  • Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses
  • Create an individualized coaching approach

Easy-to-Use Tutoring Platform

Our intuitive platform allows you to easily schedule and attend your sessions and leave feedback about your tutor with one simple login. The platform also allows our tutors to keep detailed progress notes so that we can monitor your progress and track your growth.

Created by the Authors of First Aid for the USMLE

Rx Coach was created by the most reputable names in medical education. Their proven track record combined with unparalleled experience is a natural evolution of our student-to-student ethos, resulting in an unrivaled service for aspiring physicians.


St. George’s University

Another great session with my tutor. We got through a few pretty tough questions and hit a ton of topics. I liked that he pulled some questions that were multistep questions, so we were able to review a lot of material before even getting down to the answer.

- C.D.

Medical College of Georgia

I thought the tutoring experience was great. Going through questions with guided help gave me more confidence in the process I used to answer questions. I also appreciated the time taken to personally encourage and advise me. I would recommend the tutoring sessions to anyone studying for Step 1

- V.M.

Georgetown University

My tutor was very encouraging and clearly very knowledgeable. He emphasized high yield information and offered tangible examples for better understanding.

- B.H.

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